"Relax, we'll take it from here"


                                         About Us



We are a commited team of professional individuals who are passionate about customer satisfaction and conducting business in a proficient and professional manner. INTEGRITY is the cornerstone of our business model.

We understand that a motor vechicle is usually one of the largest investments that most people make, and it is evitably due to traumatic incidents that clients are introduced to us.

It is with this in mind that we endeavour to provide a high quality of service and respect which will not only take the discomfort out of the emotional experience, but also leave clients feeling confident and stress-free.

We are a member of the well known Rola Motor Group, and not only benefit from their support, but also share the advantages of being part of a successful and well known Group of Companies.

WE are a proud BEE Level 3 company.
Anton Oosthuizen